December 19, 2015

This is an incredibly powerful poem written by a black slave about having to breastfeed her masters children. Its unbelievably moving and deeply effective. Some of the slave women who nursed and gave life to the masters children were not allowed to nurse their own babies. Its heartbreaking.

“You were afraid to nurse your young
lest fallen breast offend your master’s sight
and he should flee to firmer loveliness.
And so you passed them, your children, on to me.
Flesh that was your flesh and blood that was your blood
drank the sustenance of life from me.
And as I gave suckle I knew I nursed my own child’s enemy.
I could have lied,
told you your child was fed till it was dead of hunger.
But I could not find the heart to kill orphaned innocence.
For as it fed, it smiled and burped and gurgled with content
and as for color knew no difference.
Yes, in that first while
I kept your sons and daughters alive.
But when they grew strong in blood and bone
that was of my milk
taught them to...

December 15, 2015

Today is the second time since my daughter Demi was born almost 3 months ago that someone has reported a photograph of me breastfeeding my daughter as "nudity" to Facebook. I am happy to say that Facebook however, did not agree with this person, and my photos remain. This honestly just makes my blood boil. Whoever this person is, I left them a message on my facebook page and it went like this:

"If you think a photo of a woman nourishing and feeding her baby is nudity or you find it inappropriate, then PLEASE DE-FRIEND ME. I will continue to post these photos because I find breastfeeding to be one the most incredible things I've ever done in my life. I am what keeps my infant alive and healthy. Me alone. My baby and I stare into each others eyes during these special times. There is nothing better than watching her feed and hearing her sweet sounds of pure happiness and comfort. She takes breaks from feeding to smile and coo up at me. She feels so loved and so safe. I believe th...

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