Private Prenatal Classes are offered in the comfort of your own home. Jamie will bring all supplies and tools to teach her regular 2 hour course. Please inquire for pricing and availability!

Some Past Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshops

Prenatal Breastfeeding Workshops:
Jamie's prenatal breastfeeding workshops are for expectant mamas plus partner/support person at any point in their pregnancy but recommended 28+ weeks. (Partners or a support person are encouraged to come!) The class will give expectant parents all the breastfeeding information they will need to feel prepared for when their baby comes Earth-side and continued information and support throughout their breastfeeding journey.
Jamie's class will be a unique perspective into breastfeeding because of her background. She has the knowledge coming from being an L&D nurse where she will inform you of the immediate transition to extrauterine life, the most important ways to start the breastfeeding journey off right, and breastfeeding on the different parts of the hospital unit. She has the experience of also being a postpartum nurse, where she has the inside view and hands on experience of helping thousands of moms and infants breastfeed in the first few days of the baby's life. Jamie also has her own personal experience nursing her daughter for 2 years and 8 days and currently nursing her toddler son.
The class will run about 2 hours, depending on the group size and how many questions are asked during and at the end of the class. 
*Please email, call, or text Jamie (, 203.417.5961) at least 24 hours in advance if you can not make it to the class! 
What you learn in Jamie's Prenatal Breastfeeding Class:
  • benefits of breastfeeding

  • how to get breastfeeding off to the best start 

  • initiating breastfeeding and maintaining the best breastfeeding relationship 

  • optimal positions for nursing

  • correct latch-on techniques 

  • what a correct latch looks like

  • feeding patterns and growth spurts

  • how long and how often to feed

  • function and structure of the breast and how breastmilk is made

  • feeding cues 

  • normal infant behavior

  • sore nipples

  • pain with feeding (including tongue and lip ties)

  • how to know if the baby is getting enough

  • maintaining supply

  • common problems and their prevention and treatment 

  • common misconceptions

  • mothers nutrition

  • alcohol and breastfeeding 

  • when to call a specialist

  • common hospital procedures and protocols

  • how a partner/support person can help and be involved

  • breastfeeding in the delivery room, in the OR, and in the recovery room

  • how to advocate for yourself and your baby in the hospital and beyond

  • pumping (how to, when to, how often to, going back to work, storage of milk, etc)

  • hand expression

  • postpartum adjustment for the whole family

  • breastfeeding twins (if there is a twin mama in the class)

  • supplies recommended for breastfeeding

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