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What can I expect from a home visit?

A home visit allows you to be in the comfort of  your own home, in the place you occupy most. Jamie wants you to feel the most at ease and relaxed, and wants to see exactly what your feedings look like in your space. The visit is not timed so that the focus is on helping you and the baby, and not on the clock.


To set up a home visit, you can call, text, email, or send a message through this site by clicking the contact tab. When you speak to Jamie, you will tell her a bit about whats going on so far, your concerns, and what you'd like to work on at the visit. You will then schedule a visit to have Jamie come to your home. The visit will be planned around when the baby will have a feeding. Because baby's feeding schedules are unpredictable (and Jamie would never want you to schedule your baby!), she will work around you and the baby, communicating through text so that her arrival is as close as possible to a feeding time.  A visit can last 1-3 hours, depending on your personal goals and your baby's needs. 

During the visit, Jamie will be observing an entire feeding, using gentle hands-on assistance with latch and positioning, discussing all of your medical history including labor and delivery and any breastfeeding history. She will be examining your baby's oral anatomy and assessing your breasts/chest. Jamie will bring a professional infant scale (Marsden 300) to do weighted feedings if needed. She will also be assisting and helping with your pump or bottle, if requested. Together, you will problem solve, try out strategies, techniques, and positions that may be helpful for both of you, and create a plan that you are all comfortable with.

After the visit, Jamie will send you an email with a follow up with reminders, tips, and the plan for you and the baby. You will continue to communicate with her through phone and text as part of the initial fee. Jamie likes to maintain the relationship with you by making sure you are feeling more confident and that the plan you created together is working well for you and the baby. She is available via text or phone after your visit. If a follow up visit is needed, you will plan that accordingly.


*Including your husband, partner, children, family members, or support persons in the consult can be very helpful for you.

INSURANCE: Jamie accepts cash or check or you can pay through Venmo. Jamie is not in network with any insurance company at this time. However, at the end of your visit, Jamie will give you a superbill that you can send to your insurance company for possible reimbursement. You will be responsible for getting reimbursed and whether or not you are actually reimbursed will depend on your personal insurance plan. Jamie recommends that you call your insurance company Member Services department ahead of time to find out if they cover Lactation Services (IBCLC).

Under the Affordable Care Act, lactation consulting should be covered. Jamie encourages you to reach out to your insurance provider to discuss this with them directly. A helpful website with more information by the National Women’s Law Center can be found here.

breastfeeding in New Jersey with lactation consultant, IBCLC, laid back biological breastfeeding
For information on fees, please reach out to Jamie through email, the contact tab on this site, or by phone.
breastfeeding in New Jersey with lactation consultant, IBCLC
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