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"I couldn't have more wonderful things to say about Jamie. I had immediate problems breast feeding my son Logan. He did damage to my breasts within the first 24 hours that would take weeks to heal. I had to use shields. Jamie pointed out issues that my nurse in the hospital had missed. She taught me how to hold him properly so I was comfortable and he was in optimal breast feeding position. She helped me to see when he was latched properly and how to readjust if he wasn't. She got my son off the shields, corrected his latch, and with her help, he began to gain more weight. Because of Jamie, I was able to successfully make it, not only until my damaged breasts healed but until my son was 11 months old. The combination of her medical knowledge, her deep passion and compassion for helping women, and her reassuring/confidence-boosting affect, make her an incredible lactation consultant. I felt comfortable and confident in her care. Anyone would be lucky to have her help!" - Gina T (Connecticut) 

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"Jamie is solely responsible for the fact that my baby Max was breastfed"- Ilea K

Lactation Consulting, NICU breastfeeding
"As soon as I texted Jamie and told her that my newborn hadn't regained his birth weight, she called me back, came over, and was determined to get results. I like to say that her visit really opened up his appetite... She helped me get comfortable and answered my endless list of questions. Just watching her interacting with my son was inspiring. I highly recommend her." - Moran (NJ)
"We can't thank Jamie enough for all of her patience, kindness, guidance and support. She taught us and helped us more than we could ever express. She gave us confidence and skills to enjoy and care for the greatest gift in our lives. For that, we will always be grateful." -Letal and Chris (NY)
"Not only was Jamie extremely knowledgeable and very smart, but she was so kind, warm, and understanding" -Wendy (NY)

"Jamie was so helpful in being our advocate and champion and calmed an anxious new mom tremendously." - Aviva (NY)

"Jamie was caring, compassionate and I felt her urgency to help me. I am so grateful to have had Jamie's proactive take control attitude when I was losing control" -Margret (NY)

" Jamie helped my husband and I enormously with breastfeeding and feeding issues. She was so upbeat and instilled confidence in us."- Betsy (NY)

"Breastfeeding was very painful in the beginning for me as a first-time mom. I was pretty set on solely breastfeeding my daughter, and never thought I would do anything different. However, I was in so much pain that I was wondering if it was really worth it so I started working with Jamie and she completely turned things around. In the initial visit, she came to my home and spent about two hours with me, helping my daughter latch, watching a full feed and giving advice throughout the process. She answered all my questions and was very knowledgable and clear in her guidance. Jamie recommended I take my daughter to see a ENT doctor, which once I heeded her advice, it made a world of difference. As questions popped up as I continued to breastfeed, pump etc., I quickly asked Jamie and she responded with a helpful and thoughtful answer within minutes. Breastfeeding was challenging for me, but is now second nature and pain free. I couldn't have gotten to this point without Jamie's guidance and support. I highly recommend her as an IBCLC." - Jenny (NJ)

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